PVNL Overview

  • 70% of the world is water

  • 80% of the world lives on or near the coastline

  • 90% of our commerce sails across the seas

The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy League of the United States is unique within the Civil Organizations since it provides a powerful effort in the education and aid of its members around world, its families and communities.

The main purpose and intention of the Navy League is educative and motivational; to learn the condition of the impoverished communities around the world where the naval forces can bring help. Our best interest and support in all the aspects that heighten our humanitarian capacity.

To this purpose, the Navy League works jointly with all the U.S. sea services — the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine; through more than 65,000 members in 240 councils. Council membership includes more than 240 corporate and community affiliate members.

In keeping with its educational objective, the Navy League supports young people, through successful Youth and Scholarship Programs, including sponsorship of Schools; promoting altruist activities, raising money and providing volunteer workers for fleet week activities in the United States and, at places where the ex·pat American community has settled down; providing more than $250,000 per year in support for scholarships and awards around the world.

Today the Navy League is widely respected by citizens, community and industrial leaders, and public officials internationally. Navy League programs are welcomed in communities throughout the world, and members are recognized for their integrity and patriotism.

“It seems to me that all good Americans interested in the growth of their country and sensitive to its honor, should give hearty support to the policies which the Navy League is founded to further. For the building and maintaining in proper shape of the American Navy, we must rely on nothing but the broad and farsighted patriotism of our people as a whole.”

Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States of America.


Each U.S. Ship and its crew, at their arrival to Puerto Vallarta, with our Navy League members, take part in a communitarian aid social program aimed to promoting a cultural approach between both nations. In average, the American Sailors of each U.S. Ship volunteer 2 days of their time to local public schools, social assistance Civil Associations, Rehab·Institutions and Hospitals; to repair, to maintain and, to install equipment, among others.

Many U.S. sea service ships – from the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine that arrive to Puerto Vallarta, freight orthopedic and auditory aids and prosthesis, as well as medical, surgical, laboratory, and rehab devices, articles and equipment. These goods are legally imported and distributed by the Puerto Vallarta Navy League to Social and/or Medical Assistance’s Civil Associations, as well as to Hospital Institutions in the area of Puerto Vallarta. The Puerto Vallarta Navy League counts on a series of warehouses in Naval Base of San Diego, California where it stores those goods donated by groups like the “Bridges through Borders” and “Doctors Without Borders” are received. The Navy League in San Diego assists in the coordination and adjustments of a very complicated logistic for its dismemberment to our Port through our local program “CLUB de CLUBS”.

We also sponsor here the “TOYS FOR TOTS, por la Sonrisa de los Niños” program. This program is operated at world-wide level by all the Corporations of U.S. Sailors. This implies a huge fundraising effort to purchase toys. In 2009, we raised enough to buy 13,000 toys that were distributed among the children of the poorest communities in the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta, Mascota, Talpa, San Sebastian, Cabo Corrientes and Tomatlan, in the State of Jalisco, and throughout the Banderas Bay, benefitting as well the State of Nayarit, for the Epiphany day ·Día de Reyes” and the Children’s day ·Día del Niño· that in Mexico we celebrate on April 30th. We have supported and coordinated this program with the D.I.F. offices of each Municipality and the Department of Local Social Development of the State Jalisco for the last 4 administrations.

Last, but not least, the P.V Navy League has provided different recreational areas through the installation of infantile Playgrounds that are permanently kept in good conditions of use, through the constant work of our volunteers.

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