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Community Service

The Puerto Vallarta Navy League A.C. recognizes that we are located in the host country of Mexico. In the beginning our priority was the distribution of toys to needy children through our Toys 4 Tots program.

We then saw an additional need for our efforts and developed our ComRel program using the sailors from visiting ships and workers from the NL to refurbish aging buildings such many schools, Medical facilities such as the Santa Barbara Clinic, and the Asilio, an elderly people’s home.  Those ships were also bringing medical supplies and other items needed here in Puerto Vallarta.

Two years ago we recognized the need to expand our efforts to include more extensive upgrades and so we established the Community Services group within the NL.  Our new Community Services group goes beyond a one day ship visit for painting and minor repairs, which will stay with our Comrel group, to a far wider need for extensive upgrades to much larger facilities such as the rewiring of buildings to more modern standards, installing or repairing of fans, providing ventilation to cooking areas, planting trees and shrubs, repairing or replacing fences & gates, repairing or the installation of masonry construction, painting, roof repairs and many other efforts to improve the welfare of those in need.  With the additional help of the American Legion and the governmental agencies of Puerto Vallarta, we are constantly expanding our efforts to make Puerto Vallarta an even better place to live.

We work with the local municipal government, school system and recognized charities to establish priority for the various projects. Our funding is generated through various fund raising efforts throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to join us for a few hours as we help those in need.



Puerto Vallarta Navy League A.C.Comrel and Community Services Projects


Projects Completed In Partnership with the American Legion

Santa Bárbara Rehabilitation Clinic.
Tile roof installation and painting.

DIVAC Association for the Handicapped.
Painting and general clean–up.

Centro de Apoyo a Niño’s con Cancer, A.C. (Support Center for Children with Cancer).
Purchase and install playground. Painting and repairs to the facility.

DIF Senior Home in Coapinole.
Painting, electrical repairs, emergency lighting installation and electrical upgrades.

Aurora Recreational Park.
Adopted total upkeep/maintenance annually.
Painting, repairs, exercise equipment and purchase of trees and shrubs.
Supported by: His Will/His Way Ministries, and the Jay Sadler Project.

Playground San Vicente Del Mar.
Supported by His Will/His Way Ministries.

Playground El Guamúchil.
Restoration, repairs.
Supported by His Will/His Way Ministries.

DIF “New Life Home” for boys 7 to 14 Coapinole.
Painting and repairs.

Santa Bárbara Rehabilitation Clinic.
Painting, repairs.

Luis Medina Casillas Jardín de Niños in Ixtapa (Kinder Care School).
Renovation of an abandoned classroom included the installation of electrical wiring, fans,
lights receptacles, painting, roof repair, fence replacement and safety hand rails.

Projects in Process

Playgrounds at San Vicente del Mar and El Guamúchil.
Restoration/repairs follow up on previous work 2 years ago.

Projects Just completed

C.A.D.I. Nursery/Day Care Center for children 6 months to four years:
Locations in Ixtapa, Aurora, Las Juntas, Coapinole, and Centro.
Locations in Las Juntas and Centro are scheduled for July of 2015. Minor repairs,
fans, gas stoves repairs, electrical and other related items, in addition to painting.
Where there is a playground, American Legion is partnering up with the
Puerto Vallarta Navy League A. C.


Each U.S. Ship and its crew, at their arrival to Puerto Vallarta, with our Navy League members, take part in a communitarian aid social program aimed to promoting a cultural approach between both nations. In average, the American Sailors of each U.S. Ship volunteer 2 days of their time to local public schools, social assistance Civil Associations, Rehab·Institutions and Hospitals; to repair, to maintain and, to install equipment, among others.



The Puerto Vallarta Navy League has provided different recreational areas through the installation of infantile Playgrounds that are permanently kept in good conditions of use, through the constant work of our volunteers.